Why unionisable staff earn more than the middle level technical staff at Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC)

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I have read Cofek articles on the rot at KPLC and I find them well researched

However, there is one issue that has escaped your attention. It needs to be highlighted as it has really demotivated many staff.

While the unionisable staff get salary increments every year, the middle level (standard, senior standards) stay more than a decade stagnating in both grade and salary scale .

The situation has created salary overlaps where juniors in union terms earns more than their supervisors.

This is an extremely demotivating factor at KPLC and should be looked into. Even the civil servants are not treated like this.

As this happens, those who have Godfathers or well connected are easily promoted.

A year or two ago, we had a very biased recruitment process for County Businesses Managers where persons of questionable character, unqualified candidates who even failed the Hogan personality interview were appointment through influence from some quarters.

I happened to be one among many who had passed up to the final selection .The results were manipulated and even today we don’t know the scorecards.

I humbly request you do a thorough research on the both subject matter so that all can be enlightened and possibly be addressed to help overturn those shortcomings which may help turn around KPLC.

The former General Managers under Dr Ben Chumo tenure earned unjustified huge per diems.

Today, there is practically no professional etiquette in the recruitment process at KPLC. Competence and qualifications does not count for appointment to a senior position.

There is totally no ethical protocol for one to land a managerial appointment because people choose less experienced staff as their cronies who carry out dirty roles on behalf of their godfathers.

Today, we have more competent juniors and managers with questionable papers and experience. They rely on underpaid juniors.

Expert opinion on technical issues is disregarded at the sole convenience of vested interests. Non-technical staff call shots on issues they least understand.

That is one of the reasons why technical break downs of the system are rampant.

The management  emphasizes on contractual outsourcing rather than in-house employee engagement because of vested interests, leading to shoddy professional services that least pleases the customers.

Crooks are hired in the pretext of offering professional services they least know of.

Sad, some union officials do business with KPLC. They can no longer defend the interests of members.

Thanks for your highlights and hoping you will treat this information with confidentiality. (Anonymous KPLC staff)

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