The GoTv pain: A ‘hurt’ consumer says ‘GoTv Supa’ is a consumer ripoff with reduced channels at the same bouquet rate of Sh1,150

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I am writing to complain about GOTV services in Kenya.

They yesterday launched a new package called GOTV Supa and they have really hurt me as a royal customer on GOTV Max.

I have noticed that they have reduced the number of channels i.e Fox, Disney Junior and others but the subscription is still at 1,150.

They now want to force us to GOTV Supa at 1,499 which is very unfair. Kindly help us as consumers not to be exploited by this cartel.

Bernard Kariuki, Nairobi

Cofek Comment: Many firms, GoTv Kenya included, are adopting deceptive marketing by offering same or even higher prices for less quantity, quality and or value. We encourage consumers to be vigilant

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