KPLC rot: Smart meters fraud, wooden vs concrete poles, bloated HR department and unnecessary bank loans to fund cartels

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The idea of using the so-called smart meters is a technical fraud of monstrous magnitude.

The communication design of the meters is one way, whereby only the operation of disconnection can be remotely effected but not reconnection.

Manual switching operations is physically done, meaning you cannot notice if someone reconnects after being disconnected by KPLC.

In other words a large power consumer can still continue using the power even after remote disconnection because he will either do the switching himself or compromise a rogue expert to reconnect.

This is how power is “stolen” in cahoots with senior managers at Stima Plaza. Therefore this smart metering was deliberately designed to defraud KPLC by rogue management at kplc.

Human Resource 

The Human resource management and administration division is the most bloated department with structures designed for specific individuals on senior job grades but performing purely clerical duties.

The KPLC HR division has six managers performing purely the same roles which ideally should be handled by diploma and certificate holders.

Although it had earlier been expanded, Dr Chumo himself a HR expert, expanded it further to accommodate some of his cronies. In short, reforms at KPLC must include sending home excessive staff from support departments. Then increase the core departments that deal with engineering.

The six managers pf HR are in charge of inter-related departments for recruitment & resourcing, employee relations and welfare, employee appraising and evaluation, employee training, administration and finally the general manager, human resource and administration.

Below these cadres are chief human resources officers, senior human resource officers, principal human resources officers, among others. These are senior positions created for non-core duties which should be handled by a general manager and one manager and say two chief officers.

All these individuals are highly paid but their output can effectively be done by clerks. The burden of huge salaries on non core duties have contributed to pilferage of KPLC resources.

On the other hand, operations staff, namely engineers, technicians and craftsmen who perform technical engineering operations of the company are much fewer than the non-core employees that draw huge salaries and allowances from the meagre income of the company.

Financial Borrowing

The heavy financial burden on KPLC was deliberately initiated with specific aim of looting. The previous administration of former CEO Dr Ben Chumo embarked on heavy  borrowing from local banks immediately he was confirmed.

He ordered staff, for instance, to replace all wooden electric poles with concrete poles costing Sh28000 as opposed to Sh3000 for wooden poles.

This was deliberately done to make KPLC a cash-cow for shrewd cartels who milked KPLC to the core.

To date, KPLC continues to borrow from one bank after another in order that KPLC finances cartels doing unsound business with KPLC.

The borr0wed money didn’t facilitate any profitable returns to the company but enriched connected individuals and politicians who engaged in the unholy business with kplc.

When this regime was disbanded, the contractors were left with very many company materials in their possession for which the company had paid for without value to it.

Instead, these are the same materials being used for illegal connections whilst the company lacks the same for connecting genuine Kenyans who have paid for the service.

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