Lift curfew now! Continued halt on 24-hour economy unnecessarily hurting livelihoods

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The attention of the Consumers Federation of Kenya is drawn to the ongoing 10 pm to 4 am curfew over Covid-19 as a unnecessary distraction.

Positivity rates have remained below 10 percent for months now. Thanks to increasing uptake of Covid-19 vaccines, Kenyans are safe as long as they continue observing some reasonable social distance and put on masks – whether vaccinated or not.

It is time to re-open our economy. Do away with countrywide night curfews. Allow 24 hour transport and social places especially churches, bars and restaurants to resume full and normal operations.

To pretend that the curfew is value adding measure in taming the spread of Covid-19 is akin to burying our heads in the sand.

We urge Health CS Mutahi Kagwe to led go the false assumption that he is delivering on his job by insisting that curfews will help with either enhancement of vaccination uptake or reduction in the spread of Covid-19.

Government is being counterproductive by insisting on curfews while allowing the political elite to compete and boast of the numbers of people they are able to mobilize and even bribe to attend their public rallies.

Lift the curfew now. No more excuses.

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