CocaCola boss Daryl Wilson fails moral and ethical test, for a second time in a row

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The conduct of CocaCola Africa managing director in charge of Horn of Africa – Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea and Somaliland, Daryl Wilson is, for the second occasion, in public limelight for all wrong reasons – on failing public, private and corporate ethical test.

The flamboyant, ever-partying and ‘randy’ man is known for very fine things in life – top-end sports cars, dumping one young lady after another ‘including minors’ according to our informants.

He adores dating. He has a verified account on a dating site Tinder where he is known as ‘Jay’. He has several others like ‘Fu*kbook’, among many others – taking the cue from the many bookmarks listed  on his computer.

This story has taken days, painstaking assignment of piecing one detail after the other as well as checking for authenticity, palatability with third party readers and ensuring that Cofek does not fail the slander and defamation test.

Formerly Nairobi Bottlers boss for many years, Daryl Alan Wilson, now 57, first came into the public limelight when Cofek featured him on

The widely-read story questioned his character as to whether or not it was consistent with the stringent corporate governance guidelines and legitimate expectations of such a senior officer – in private and in public life – from the respected global soft drinks beverage giant, CocaCola.

Then, and as at now, steamy photos emerged on social media with his then pregnant wife, Quinter Mercy.

That was in April 2016. He sued Cofek. We were compelled to delete the story. That didn’t mean we didn’t have our facts right – but he is a man of means. His deep pockets came in handy. We felt legal and moral justice was denied.

Fast forward, in October 2021 – we got a second chance to the story. We are vindicated.

His immediate former lawful wedded wife Quinter Mercy – whom he recently divorced by mutual consent – has since told Cofek – that although she was part of the complainants then – our story was indeed accurate. She regretted for not having coming out earlier.

She has even offered to be Cofek witness should Wilson feel aggrieved and potentially sue over this story – as he is likely to be (mis)advised by money-minting lawyers.

Such a move would complicate the case for him considering it is the same Quinter Mercy whose privacy was potentially compromised – in the April 2016 story – out of Wilson ‘disappearing acts’.


First things, first. Who is Daryl Wilson? For starters, he was born on April 9, 1964 in Durban, South Africa. Daryl is a first born in a family of two including a sister who stays in London.

Little is known of his education. Credible doubts abound as to whether or not he ever went to any university. ‘If he ever presented any university papers to his employer, they are certainly fake’, said Quinter Mercy.

How then did he secure such a high-flying job as an expatriate? It probably requires more than the first degree, complete with demonstrated experience of both theory and practice.

It is said his friend and fellow countryman Jacques Vermeulen, CEO at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (who is based in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa) could have pushed him to unfairly secure the job over and above keeping him Nairobi for long.

When reached for comment on his personal phone whatsapp early October 7, however, Vermeulen did not immediately respond. Cofek commits to run his response once received.

In the beginning …

How did Wilson meet with Quinter Mercy?

‘I met him sometimes around 2013. He was staying in Fairview Hotel. I was working for a Nairobi orphanage organization. I used to earn Sh60,000. A mutual friend, Victoria, introduced us to each other. Herself and Daryl were on Tinder (dating site). Somehow, they both had a disdain for white companions. So Victoria referred him to me. The rest, as they say, is history’, she told Cofek

The man is said to have long abandoned his very first wife in South Africa – in a long list of come-we-stay arrangements. This is typical of a man that is fair to sum him up as a ‘a merrymaker and womanizer like no other’ – whether at his workplaces and or at the entertainment spots he frequents on a daily basis.

His communication online, like with his latest catch – one Phidelia Mutunga, depicts a man who is totally lost all his corporate sheen and remains an embarrassment to his employer.

‘You feel jealous if I post old photos like these from my past vacations. I hope not’, she posed on Instagram on February 4, 2020 at 12.54pm

‘Of course not babe. Never. Please go ahead and post’, he replied

‘Haha okay babe. Just checking. Don’t want any misunderstandings’, she said in a suggestive conversation.

With his greenlight, she went ahead to splash some good, bad and even ugly photos (some we have censored) for a man of his caliber.

‘When I met Daryl, he knew I was already married to an American man called Charles. I only met Charles thrice in 3 years. We transacted mostly online. Daryl paid for my divorce from Charles through his lawyer Anne Mbugua.

It remained unclear why Mercy had formally married a man she confesses she hardly met physically. But that is a tale for another day.

‘Daryl and I got married on February 14, 2017. He was great. I can’t fault him. The man was a top love-bomber. More so to a naïve girl of only 22. From all major tourist attraction centres in Africa and many capitals in Europe, we were all over with love – in Milan, Paris, Barcelona name it. In high-end hotel rooms. All those trips were paid by CocaCola.

Why did he fall for her?

‘He loved me for my looks as a model, personality. I taught him how to kiss. I am an expert. I simply never disappointed him!’, she said amid giggles of a lady at ease with what she was revealing.

Bad days …

But when did the rains start beating the two public lovebirds?

‘My problems with him began when I delivered my baby boy. He started sleeping outside. He started hanging out in suspect places. Kiza, Gypsy and Brew Bistrol became his fixed night addresses. I just don’t think he wanted a baby.

‘It was then that he began bringing in young women and even minors to our matrimonial house. I was furious, emotional and adversely affected. The relationship soured badly from then on.

‘At one time, Daryl strangled me for questioning his foul and unbecoming conduct. I passed out and only came to the following morning. I feared, and still fear for my life’, she said in evident pain.

But why didn’t she ever report to police?

‘He was extremely violent. He could compromise anyone. Full of threats and intimidation. On one occasion, he threw me out of our matrimonial house at 2 am in the morning – with my baby who was hardly 3 months old. The cold. The pain of an innocent child.

‘What intrigued me most: He feels he is not the biological father of my son. But who else? Yet I know and I’ve no doubt that he sired my son. Through my lawyers and at a personal level, I’ve since made passionate pleas for a DNA test. He has declined all such requests.

Last month, and through his lawyer Patrick Ogola, Daryl said he was ready for the DNA only that he wants samples taken from Ethiopia!

‘The child has his name, birth certificate and his school fees is still paid on time by CocaCola. So when and how did he imagine that our son wasn’t his? I think our son complicated his wish to hit and run away from me. I can’t let him do it. If not for me and my son, its for young girls out there who will fall victim to him.

‘He even started watching weird porn. In private, he even forced me to even behave like a boy. He would ask me to cut my hair short and do all those silly things that a boy would do to another boy especially during fun-time. I am sure you know what I mean’, she quipped referring to her real fears that her husband was equally gay.

‘It went on and on. I reconnected that anytime we went on a trip he asked me to act suggestive to young men and boys – in his company. He could then come in as if he was complaining about intrusion. Within no time, he would walk off with such boys while I was left sipping at my drink, alone, and for long. For many reasons, I strongly he is a bi-sexual’, she  threw the bomb.

‘Again, he would intoxicate me with all manner of drugs – as he ingested sex-enhancing viagra. He enjoyed to literally sleep with me – more or less as a dead woman. Whatever he did with my body on those instances, only God knows. I could wake up with severe blisters.

Sex sites

At one time, a lady blogger known as ‘Kimberley’s post’ spoke harshly of Quinter Mercy before she confessed to have been a past ‘victim’ of Daryl on his alleged romantic escapades with young women.

‘…also know some of us went through the rage of Wilson sexual appetite and his fetishes are feeling for you. Mr Wilson whipped us and made us do despicable things. This man will never know peace, karma is a bitch. He will use his money to lure girls like Phidelia Mutunga and his ex-wife Mercy, Zahida, Georgina, Nehema, Kate Kagundo, Maureen Lish, Violet Anyango, Catherine Muito, Jackline Aluoch, Judith Kahera, and several others he has been abusing.

She continued …

‘Mr Wilson you are a disgrace to the CocaCola family and you must be deported. Shame on you. His numbers are +251944444*** (we have concealed for privacy reasons) for anyone who wants him. The prostitute. CocaCola shame on you’.

The evidence Cofek saw is that Mr Wilson loves viewing all kinds of dirty porn. He is on Tinder as ‘Jay’ with a verified account. On ‘Fu*kbook’ dating site, his username is ‘dari98’. It is here that we got another glimpse of the man, many of our informants, believe but Cofek cannot independently verify – that he could be a ‘mental patient.’

He says he is ‘circumcised’ and on ‘endowment’, he is ‘long and thick’. On relationship status, he says he is ‘separated’ and has ‘one’ child. On education, he says he has a ‘university masters’ and his annual earnings is between US$250,000 to $500,000 and that he is a ‘managing director’ in the ‘manufacturing/distribution’ sector.

On ‘sexual activities’, Daryl says on ‘Fu*kbook’ that he ‘enjoys sex once a week’. Who is he looking for? Someone who is ‘smart, funny and likes to flirt’.

The divorce

Then came the divorce between Daryl and Quinter Mercy on March 18, 2021. It was drawn by Judy Thongori & Co. Advocates. A settlement agreement was entered, on August 27, 2019, into which detailed every aspect as follows

DW – Settlement Agreement

The parties will have equal custody to their son. The husband was to ‘pay school fees until he retires. He was to pay Sh350,000 maintenance per month. Daryl was to pay Sh150,000 per month for Mercy’s upkeep.

Property fight

On property, Mercy was to move to the apartment on L.R 2/274 (we can’t disclose for security reasons), registered in the name of Daryl. He undertook to surrender his share to the wife upon full payment of the mortgage.

The other apartment at L.R No. 209/21878 was to be sold and proceeds shared.

‘We deceived CocaCola on their Sh10 mn meant for house. We used it to pay for a new property without disclosure to the company’, Quinter Mercy told Cofek.

The fight for the division of the property is bound to be vicious. Daryl Wilson wants his former wife to get nothing from his property arguing he secured most of the property single-handedly.

From the affidavit signed by Daryl Wilson on August 19, 2021 drawn by O&M Law, LLP – Daryl is now fighting to neutralize the settlement deed which entitled Quinter Mercy to his property.

He argues that he bought the 3 apartments from his savings – and that she never contributed for the principal and unsettled mortgage.

‘… the settlement agreement of 27th August 2019cannot be upheld by the courts pursuant to Section 6(4) of the Matrimonial Property Act, No 49 of 2013 as I signed the said agreement due to coercion and in fear of the consequences of the myriad threats from Quinter Mercy and her several pseudo accounts on social media’, he stated in Court papers.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

‘He then left Kenya for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia posting in 2019. Although we used to have our fights, I went with him to ensure that he was stabilized. I insisted I wasn’t going to stay with him in Ethiopia’.

His appointment letter is dated April 4, 2019. His contract runs from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2022. His basic salary is US$245, 846 per annum. His employer is the East Africa Bottling Share Company.

Will Ethiopia extend his work permit to warrant his contract renewal? Will CocaCola renew his contract? Eyes on the two key determinants of his lavish lifestyle and a trail of bitter women he leaves behind his liquid love-bombs.






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