How to verify the East African Cables – Stop fakes, buy genuine!

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East African Cables (EAC) has introduced a short message service (SMS) based system that will enable customers verify the authenticity of cables manufactured by EAC.

How will the system work?

. All Single, Flexible and Flat cables will have a stick on label placed on the inside core of the roll.
. Consumers will scratch and reveal a 12 digit code which they will sms to a Toll Free short code number 38353.
. An immediate response will be received confirming the authenticity of the cable.

Product Verification

East African Cables has in conjunction with Sproxil, set up a 24hr Call Centre where customers can direct any queries/clarification on the system.

Toll Free Call Center Number: 0800 720 122

Customers are urged to ensure the scratch and verify before purchasing the cables and also to insist on getting an official receipt after each purchase.

Cable rolls without the verification sticker , should be rejected!

NB: Both sms and call centre services are toll FREE!!

Source: EA Cables Ltd

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