How to register your complaint with Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek)

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Fellow consumer, we are proud and delighted that you are reading this. Welcome to the short procedure of how to register your complaint with us;

  1. We are here to serve all consumers. We focus on policy and regulatory issues as they affect consumers.
  2. Consumers with specific and or personal complaint about a product and or a service are encouraged to address the product manufacturer/seller and or service provider and only copy us using:
  3. We encourage you to provide comprehensive details as much as possible. We equally encourage that evidence is provided, i.e receipts and or agreements
  4. In certain matters where privacy and confidentiality is a must like the banking sector, we recommend that you address the service provider notifying of your waiver of any existing service provider to client confidentiality and formally instructing us to act on and for your behalf
  5. Under paragraph (4) above, the Societies Act, Cap 108 Laws of Kenya require that you MUST be our registered member for Cofek to competently act for and on your behalf. We, therefore, encourage you to sign up as a Cofek member
  6. Certain matters that require either a class action suit and or may require us to move to Court, after exploring all other options especially the Alternative Dispute Resolution, on your behalf – you will be required to contribute towards the cost of the case
  7. You can also pass your complaints through our social media handles: and or
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