Consumer outcry intensifies against inflated billing at Kakamega County Water Company

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Consumers are complaining about the Kakamega County Water and Sewerage Company (KACWASCO) inflated and uneven billing.

‘I am bringing to attention of Cofek the rampant exploitation of consumers by KACWASCO through inflated bills based on estimates and not actual meter readings. Consumers rights are abused as complaints go unresolved. They violate consumer rights by disconnecting and removing meters on basis of inflated estimated bills. Who can come to the aid of poor consumers except the likes of Cofek who have the capacity to take class action on behalf of the consumers.

‘I have shared my recent bill to demonstrate the inflated billing for zero consumption being inflated to 20 units and the threat of disconnection if the imaginary bill is not settled. I have had a different water account 600609kk disconnected and meter removedĀ  on basis of inflated bills end of June 2021. Despite making a formal complaint and even settling what was legitimate, to date, they have not restored the meter.

‘In fact I was surprised to find many consumers in the Kakamega water office with similar complaints. Notice that in the recent past as reported in the mainstream media, they want to charge sewer charge even on consumers who have no sewer connection! The point I am sharing this detail with you is that consumers in Kakamega have no protection hence the need for Cofek to come in and fight on their behalf.

‘If myself who is aware of rights and have capacity to complain and even go to the office to discuss the matterĀ  yet no action has been taken 2 months down the line without water, even after the legitimate bill is fully paid – what about majority of consumers who are not able to analyse their bills? Kacwasco is taking advantage and violating consumer rights, KACWASCO customerĀ  care is terrible. We appeal to cofek to take up this matters on behave of hundreds of affected consumers and hold Kacwasco to account. We also request that you demand an audit of their billing system’, said an outraged consumer on behalf of other consumers.

Cofek has since contacted the KACWASCO Chief Executive Officer Mr Abdikadir Abdi who has pledged to provide a comprehensive response to the consumer crisis.

It is unlikely that the billing structure in question is one that has been approved by the sector regulator, Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) as well as Lake Victoria North Waterworks Authority.

Affected consumers are encouraged to send in their complaints together with copies of their bills to; and or call COFEK offices on 0715-555-550 or 0733-180-008

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