Why Cofek new Consumer Report Card (CRC) forums are a gamechanger

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Cofek will soon launch its’ new governance and performance rating tool for service delivery called the Consumer Report Card Forum (CRCF). 

We are delighted to announce that the Kenya Pipeline Company MD & CEO Dr Macharia Irungu will, in June, feature at the inaugural CRCF. 

After the KPC boss, it is expected that the second such forum will feature the electricity sector with either Kenya Power, KenGen, GDC, KETRACO and or other players.

Cofek is lining up at least one CRCF per month and expect service providers to take advantage of the forum for value addition both ways.

The CRCF tool will be applied to gauge satisfaction with both public and private services providers such as electricity, fuel, roads, telecommunications, water, sanitation, vehicles and other services.

Beyond awareness creation, CRCF will be used as a tool to increase accountability and to enhance public dialogue with both public and private service providers.

The moderated forum will have our chief guest speaker offer (personal and corporate) introduction as a person and entity. H/she will then focus on highlighting successes and thereafter turn to challenges. 

It is important to appreciate that challenges, for instance in the oil and gas sector, could be involving either vandalism, lack of public goodwill to report say leaks and or theft, among others. On this, CRCF will expect the guest speaker to ensure that he explains to the members of the public on how they can be of assistance.

Before concluding the presentation, the chief guest speaker will equally offer his/her key undertakings of major targets to be completed within the next financial year.

On Kenya Power, for instance, CRCF will expect the CEO to address the issue of revenue collection enhancement plans, voluntary meter reading and what to expect from the planned debt restructuring, among others.

After the guest speaker offers his/her challenges and concludes with his/her appeal, the session moderator will then follow up with summary highlights of the speaker’s speech.

A one hour plenary question and answer session will follow. The guest speaker will be answering questions – mostly for the virtually audience.

At KPC, and since Dr Irungu took over, the KPC has registered significant improved in governance and more fundamental, returned to impressive profitability. Naturally, the CRCF would be keen to know how the midas touch of Dr Irungu worked – and lessons for his counterparts elsewhere.

The CRCF will be mostly virtual with a skeleton physical presence at the venue to be addressed by our speaker. The forum will be addressing key public interest areas that consumers wish to directly engage with the sector leadership.

On petroleum, and on a need-to-know basis, the guest speaker is expected to be flooded with questions on what KPC is doing to ensure good quality, reliability, safety generally and environmental as well as KPC contribution to making petroleum and gas more affordable.

Consumers will want to know how he has succeeded to deal with perennial challenges that had always hampered the optimal operations of KPC. This would range from historical issues.

The CRCF will see Dr Irungu come face to face with the consumers he serves through proxies (oil marketing companies) and a long value chain. Lessons learnt from the forum, will undoubtedly, inform the new strategic direction of KPC.

Because of the enormous public interest, Cofek has proposed to KPC to consider a follow up session, in which the CRCF will focus in-depth on the some of the issues – technical and infrastructure issues such as oil leaks that Dr Irungu’s tenure appears to have easily resolved.

Other issues are likely to revolve around procurement and legal tussles which had dogged KPC prior to Dr Irungu’s tenure. The CRCF session on KPC is unlikely to end without addressing the CSR of KPC especially on the huge contribution KPC offered on sanitizers in the fight against Covid19

CRCF will allow for advance questions from consumers, experts, practitioners and other stakeholders within the oil and gas sector. Requests for corporate booking to participate in our future CRCF and advance questions can be send to:

The date for the first CRCF and the online link will be announced in due course. #CofekCares #ConsumerVoice


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