World Consumer Rights Day: Cofek to mark March 15 event with focus on e-waste

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Cofek is calling for partnerships from interested agencies in Government, private sector, civil society and development partners to mark the World Consumers Rights Day on March 15, 2021. The focus will be on tackling the electronic waste challenge.

Even after significantly tackling the plastic menace following the ban on non-biodegradable plastics carrier bags, Kenya continues to grapple with the ever-mounting challenge of electronic waste.

Like the case on plastics, consumers are increasingly concerned about electronic pollution. Some are already taking action. Others are unsure of what to do. Regrettably, this effort is neither supported by a clear policy nor urgency to a collective action between Government, Private sector and the general public.

Accordingly, systemic change is required at all levels from governments, businesses and other key players to effectively tackle environmental pollution arising out of e-waste.


In order to decisively deal with the challenge of e-Waste, it is imperative that a common approach is attained.

Such a perspective must be informed by awareness and the fact that like any form of pollution, electronic waste is a challenge for all players – from Government, Private sector, Development Partners and other Non-State Actors including the ordinary consumer.

That we must all demonstrate responsibility for a better and safe environment free of e-Waste.

Effective awareness will focus not only on the threats posed by e-waste but even for potential business opportunities especially on collection and recycling.


The greatest challenges facing Kenya in the management of e-Waste include: low citizen awareness, lack of proper policy and legislative framework including public procurement and disposal laws, inadequate infrastructure for e-Waste management; high cost of brand new electronics among others.

Accordingly, there is an urgent need to convene a panel of stakeholders to;

  • To educate the public on the need for proper e-waste management
  • To collect e-waste from the market and to handle end-of-life management in a responsible way, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • To encourage and promote wider participation from multiple stakeholders in the e-waste management process
  • To persuade the banks and other financial institutions to develop incentives and special products of financing private sector involved in recycling and related mechanisms of disposal of e-Waste
  • Generate collaborations between Government (National and County Governments) institutions responsible for e-Waste


You can participate as; (a) An expert on electronic waste and make a presentation (physical or virtual); (b) as a virtual link and or a sponsor. We invite you to let us know how you wish to participate by emailing:  


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