Better days? Cofek in rare praise of KPLC over record complaint resolution

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COFEK and I would like to highly commend the Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC) management for the record resolution of my complaint following an electrical surge that damaged electrical equipment at my house on August 10, 2020.

On many occasions we have been bashing KPLC – for sins of commission and or omission – and for good reasons. This will certainly continue where we have reason to believe there is want of performance, efficiency and or ineffective communication.

Fairness dictates that we must equally share their hard-earned commendation when they exceed our expectation in the manner they have done.

I am particularly grateful to KPLC MD & CEO Mr Benard Ngugi (pictured) and his Insurance Manager Ms Grace Ngigi.

Same commendation goes out to Mr James Gathara, CEO, Plan & Place Brokers, Madison General Insurance CEO Mr Hezron Wambugu and Mr Kelly Muchoki, a Senior Adjuster at General Adjusters Ltd.

Accordingly, I assure Kenyan consumers that yes – it is possible to be alive when KPLC cost-efficiency can be rated as excellent.

On damage of appliances, for instance, and once a claimant reports in good time and provides all requisite information in good time and ascertains genuineness of claims – a consumer’s complaint can indeed be addressed in record time.

Once again, I salute Mr Ngugi and his team. I urge him to keep it up and equally extend the reality of a cost-efficient KPLC to other key departments such as operations and maintenance. He must get his General Managers and other top management to engage with consumers. That is where the rubber meets the road!

With resultant consumer all-time high goodwill, efficient actual billing, lower outages and enhanced revenue collection, KPLC will be the main beneficiary as consumers enjoy seamless services.

Stephen Mutoro, Secretary General



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