NDUNG’U GATHINJI on regulation of Kenya medical doctors’ exorbitant fees

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The problem with setting professional fees centrally is that it may fail to recognize the excellence of  the good but  reward  the poor performance of the bad.

The nature of the current level of development of our society is such that negligence is not sufficiently punished to discourage it.

The challenge then is to set equitable levels of service charges while recognizing the above shortcomings. 

I would suggest that you involve medical insurance providers in the debate.

The   proposed quantum leap in charges is as a result of waiting too long before reviewing them. Periodic reviews say every 4 or 5 years would help.

Our society has been ruined by the pursuit of money, disregarding all else, by all strata of the population, and therefore a review of all public remuneration packages may be more appropriate as our legislative branch has not distinguished itself in moral leadership when it comes to utilization of public resources including their own remuneration. 

The debate is therefore much bigger.

 Ndungu Gathinji

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Please note that the meeting to stop doctors’ exorbitant fees shall be held on Tuesday, January 8 from 9am to 5pm at Crowne Plaza Hotel

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