Pain of Rongai residents on rogue matatus led by one named “Scarface”

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I would like to raise a complaint about matatus plying Ongata Ronga route. I, like most Ongata Rongai residents, are suffering in the hands of the rogue matatu operators – who are operating like they are law unto themselves along this route. 

The matatus plying this route do not obey any traffic rules, even in the presence of the police manning the roads – right from Railway Station, Lang’ata, Bomas upto Kiserian.  The conductors charge what the feel like charging. 

They overlap even in the presence of the policemen around. They carry excess passengers, no police officer stops this.  There are so many idle rogue young men manning the stages right from railways to Ongata Rongai.

The only exception matatus are the  Orokise Sacco Matatus, which at least are orderly and respect passengers.


The most notorious of these matatus is one named – Scarface – Registration numbers #KCG476W. Of all the madness and rudeness, the conductor of this matatu tops the list. 

This matatu normally picks its passengers at Agip terminus, where the stage boys will tell you the fare charges is Sh100, and immediately the Matatu leaves the stage with passengers inside seated, the fare is hiked to Sh150.

If you protest, you are physically harassed by the conductor and the young men who rides standing at the entrance – from town to Rongai and back.  Y

You beg to be dropped you so that you can go for another matatu, they abuse you, sometimes grab the only fare you have and leave you stranded.

Other commuters have found themselves in the past  being pushed out while the vehicle is in motion.

Most commuters are afraid to talk, due to fear that some of these young men managing the stages are members of the Mungiki Sect. 

I know I could be endangering my life, but I believe I am doing the right thing. 

We have also complained (to NEMA and KWS) about uncontrolled sewage discharge  to the estate and to the drainage leading the Nairobi national Park but nothing has been done. Please come to our rescue. (Name withheld for security reasons)

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