Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek)

Parliament to hear Cofek petition on MP Shah fraudulent billing

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The National Assembly Committee on Health will on August 21, 2018 hear Cofek as the sponsor of the petition in which the late Matilda Onyango was charged Sh858,355 for an emergency at the MP Shah hospital, Nairobi.

M.P Shah Hospital later caved to public pressure and reduced the bill to Sh25,000. Ms Anyango succumbed to her injuries at the hospital after being stabbed by robbers in Kangemi, Nairobi.

Ms Anyango was rushed to the facility’s Accident and Emergency department on the night of April 11 after she was found unconscious near her place of residence.

The hospital claimed that the surgeon’s fee cost Sh300,000. The hospital detained the woman’s body and purported to initially justify the fraudulent bill on “medical procedures’ supposedly conducted on her in less than 24 hours.

In what sounded like robbery-without-violence, the hospital charged Sh105,000 for transfusion medicine, Sh157,285 as pharmacy charges, Sh100,000 for the anaesthetist, Sh300,000 for the surgeons among other expenses.

Cofek has petitioned Parliament to shed light on the growing fraud within the health sector on medical sector. From doctors prescribing first line treatment to unnecessary admission of outpatients, fraud informed by greed continues to sweep across the private health sector. 

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