As ‘Nation’ exposes NYS, NMG “rude Indian expats” scam emerges

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Good Afternoon, We know Cofek as a voice of the voiceless and would like your help in addressing the numerous staff complaints raised to the  management at Nation Media Group (NMG) on the treatment of its’ staff by expatriates at NMG digital department, which are landing on deaf ears. 

What has been transpiring at Nation Media Group Digital Department for the last 2 years is something every employee of the organization has and is talking about.  

When Rashmi Chugh (pictured) was appointed Head of Digital things have not been running smoothly. She has clashed with all senior managers and even directors and went ahead to intimidate them just because she has the ears of 2 board members Yasmin Jetha and James Montogomery. 

When Rashmi was appointed from India, she got herself an Indian expatriate henchman crony and bulldog from India called Kanwar Deep Singh (pictured below), the power man at NMG Digital – a guy with no proper qualifications to oversee all digital operations.

Later they got another Indian by name Kudrat from India to oversee projects, also with questionable qualifications. We don’t know how NMG managed to get work permits for them as these jobs can be filled by qualified Kenyans. 

These three Indians cause agony to everyone across NMG. Not only has Kanwar abused Digital staff, always throwing curse words, f*ck at slightest opportunity, he’s gone ahead and even clashed with various clients and partners.

Case in point is a pending lawsuit from a partner, who Kanwar used unprintable words to the CEO of that company to the point the client severed the partnership. 

Another partnership gone sour is Lit360 show that the Indians were given a go-ahead by NMG board to launch and manage. the show has received little to no reception from the public.

First it started as a record label now they are doing interviews. The show has no ownership. NTV are forced to air it with little or no effort from staff participating.

In this project the Indians used the famed DJ Pinye to come up with a show and they later told him off and kicked him out of the project.

DJ Pinye has since gone to court to sue the Indians for the show as it  was his idea. 

Working at Nation Media, 7th floor has become a nightmare, from all the shouting, playing of Gujarat music during working hours, to episodes of loud laughing by the Indian gang.

All these happens in the full glare of the HR dept who have failed and they seem to have brainwashed one of the HR Manager Veronica Chirchir who seems to be on their side and they’re incapable of doing anything. 

I have wondered how a blue chip company could allow such behaviour from a senior manager who does as she pleases with total disregard to her staff 

Since the management of Nation Media Group cannot clearly do anything regarding this situation, I plead with the Ministry of Labour and Immigration to come to our aid.

I would specifically request the Immigration to send officers to scrutnize the credentials of these Indians  to determine exact expatriate experience they’ve purpotedly brought to  this organization and country at large. considering we have enough Kenyans qualified for the role.

NMG Public Relations Manager Clifford Machoka was briefly reached for a comment but reportedly had a personal emergency and his phone went off thereafter.

As soon we receive the NMG response, we will publish it here without edit. We have severally tried to reach Ms Rashmi Chugh to no avail.


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