Willy Bett: We’ve 4.6 mn bags of maize in strategic grain reserves

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Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mr Willy Bett says the Strategic Grain Reserves (SGR) now has 2.1 million (90kg) bags of maize. Another 2.5 million bags will be purchased by end of January, 2018.

Mr Bett was, on January 18, responding to Cofek inquiry on the escalating cost of maize flour prices after a section of millers claimed the flour may rise upto Sh200 per 2kg packet.

The CS maintained that there is no basis for maize flour be retailed above Sh115 per 2kg maize packet. 

On the lapsed maize flour subsidy program, Mr Bett said the government had involved 21 large cereal millers, 165 medium and small millers as well as 23 posho-millers. 

Anxiety is mounting as prices of maize flour rises steadily amid government pledges.

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