Factor costs of carrier bags in prices, Cofek urges supermarkets

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As the supermarkets across the country record a booming business throughout this festive season, we urge them to provide sufficient shopping carrier bags without charging for them every time the customer shops. The practice that prevailed prior to plastic ban should continue.

We have continued to receive many complaints of unhappy shoppers. For continuity, consumers urge retailers to factor the cost of the shopping carrier bags in the overall pricing of either fast moving or all the goods.

Consumers feel inconvenienced with the current system where customers are required to pay for the carrier bags at the end of the billing. With many having exhausted their budgets, they either have to be packed in unhealthy cartons or one paid-for carrier bag which will see food items, detergents and even chemicals mixed up. Such items need to be packaged separately to avoid contamination.

On the other hand, cartons are too cumbersome to carry particularly for the many shoppers without vehicles.

We appeal to the Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Secretary Mr Adan Mohamed to do everything in his ability to ensure a win-win between consumers and retailers on packgaing of shopping. Thank you. 

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