James Obare’s fury with Bata Shoes “fake products”

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I wish to send a very strong statement to Bata Kenya. Having been a monopoly in the footwear industry for a couple of years, I can say you’ve gone into slumber and comfort zone to an extent you don’t mind what you supply to the very customers that have made you grow over the years.

Of late you have cheap and fake products which you sell to unsuspecting consumers just because its a brand Bata. 

I bought an executive shoes Serial Number 8046157 from your BuruBuru Shop at Sh5,999 on December 23, 2016 thinking its quality. Just 3 months down the line, the shoes are pathetic, with sole having cracks and generally the left shoe looking older than its’ right counterpart.

I have rarely worn this shoes many times, neither am I a manual labourer so as to justify the quick and easy wear and tear. Besides, I have other several pairs. 

My question is whether you can justify this case that a customer can spend Sh6,000 to buy shoes that only last 3 months, this is plain theft of hardly earned cash from a customer.

Whenever I have tried to seek your office’s attention as a concerned customer, I get rude responses from your petty customer care. 

All I need is your general manager or managing director’s attention so that I can come together with COFEK – we square this one out with possible compensation.

One more thing, you should watch out – times have changed – you will be rendered obsolete like the likes of EVEREADY and be forced out of the market if you continue with this malicious incompetence…!!!

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