Inaugural consumer summit, expo as Cofek signs partners

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Kenya’s inaugural Consumer Summit & Expo will be taking place from December 14-16, 2016 at the Nairobi Railways Club. The event is organized by the Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek) in collaboration with sponsors and partners.

Sponsors so far: Competition Authority, Communications Authority, Higher Education Loans Board. The Media Partner is the Radio Africa Group, home of Classic 105.2 FM, Radio Jambo, Kiss FM, East FM and The Star Newspaper. A number of exhibitors are signing up.

About Us:

The Consumers Federation of Kenya (COFEK is Kenya’s independent, self-funded, multi-sectoral, non-political and apex non-profit Federation committed to consumer protection, education, research, consultancy, litigation, anti-counterfeits campaign and business rating on consumerism and customer-care issues. Cofek works towards a fair, just and safe marketplace for consumers. Cofek is the founder Chair of the Government-run Kenya Consumer Protection Advisory Committee (KECOPAC) established under Consumer Protection Act, 2012.

About the Event

Cofek, together with partners such as the Kenya National Chamber for Commerce & Industry, is holding the inaugural 3-day Consumer Summit & Expo bringing together providers of goods and services. The event, largely targeting middle and low income consumers, will be held between December 14th-16th at the Nairobi Railways Club.

Why the Summit?

Results from the in-house surveys confirm that consumers are fast becoming more aware of the components and ingredients in their goods and services – they are more cautious about what they are willing to eat or drink hence the need for providers of goods and services to be driven by consumer preferences. 

The Consumer Summit and Expo offers an exceptional opportunity for Kenyan manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and providers of services to learn from the consumers about their preferences and to offer tailor-made their goods and services to satisfy their needs. Its about the demand side influencing the supply side for a win-win for both the market and consumers.

The “One-In-All” Expo running concurrently with the conferences brings together Government, Private sector, Civil society and Development partners. In government, the emphasis is on regulatory agencies and how they strike the balance between the market and consumers. Regarding sale of goods and service the focus is both on public and private sectors. The conferences will take take different thematic views for instance water, energy, counterfeits and illicit goods as well as health – depending on how well sector players come on board. 

How is the Summit & Expo Organized?

The summit is organised by way of conferences, open expo by different exhibitors from public and private sector. Live broadcast through mainstream and social media avenues are being explored. Issues of interest to both consumers and manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of goods and services will be discussed. These include consumer protection as relates to market regulation, food quality and safety, financing education, guaranteeing building safety and role of consumers on fighting counterfeits, among others will be discussed. 

Prominent Speakers from national authorities, private sector (within and outside Kenya), consumer organisations, businesses as well as academia have been invited to contribute to the discussions. It is envisaged the conversations will feed into the consumers and the market repository of knowledge for both consumers and the market. 

Who is to Participate?

The event is open to all Kenyans. The choice of location is deliberate in targeting at least a million visitors daily for each of the 3 days. Visitors will attend the conference sessions and or visit the exhibition booths. 

Future Targets

We hope to make the event an international one from next year. We will also work with institutions of higher learning to conduct incisive industry reviews with a view to launching excellence awards based on technical evaluations and scientific research on goods and services, on sector basis. We will then name the best rated products in each selected category – and consider credible consumer awards. Partnerships with Government, Private sector, Civil Society and Developmet will be the hallmark of the Kenya Consumer Summit & Expo


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