Tourist: How tour operator messed our Kenya holiday

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I am writing you this email to inform you about a horrific experience I had with a local tour operator called Days Safaris Adventures in Nairobi. 

At the beginning of July I bought a combined package safari including a 3 day safari in Maasai Mara and climbing Kilimanjaro. The safari was a disaster as the car broke several times on our way to the park from Nairobi and we only got a 1hour tour inside the park on the first day.

Not to mention that even though we were supposed to leave Nairobi around 8am we only left at about 9:30, sitting in the car waiting for God knows what for the driver to fix. And he clearly did not fix it well enough as we were driving around Narok looking for gas stations capable of fixing the car. We wasted an entire day and lost most of the time we were supposed to be in the Mara park. 

Then the Kilimanjaro hike was not arranged at all. Once we arrived in Moshi there was no accommodation arranged for us, nor was there anyone waiting for us at the bus stop, even though a local guide was supposed to pick us up and a night at a local hotel was included in our itinerary.

Days Safaris Adventures quoted a price of 720$ per person for the Kilimanjaro trek and only after we had paid for the safari and we left Kenya we found out that the price is more than double than that which the company did not inform us about. They claim it is because the Kilimanjaro park fees had gone up- but there is no way that the fees increased ever since we purchased the trek- so they have knowingly been lying to us. 

We had to purchase a whole new trek, separately from Days Safaris Adventures as the prices and information that Days Safaris Adventures quoted for us in the first place were completely wrong. Also, we of course had to arrange our own accommodation in Moshi. 

The person who organised our safaris is called Amanda. She has clearly absolutely no idea what she is doing and is incredibly unprofessional. I’ve been emailing her back and forth to get a reimbursment for this horrific experience and she is very unresponsive.

Only after I posted a warning about their company’s services on social media- she responded and with an angry message that did not make much sense. She said now she will reimburse us for a part of the Mara safari, but I will only believe it when I get the money on my account.  

She has basically ruined our holidays and instead of having a wonderful memory of Kenya we ended up stressing through most of our time off… And Amanda, instead of apologising and refunding us straight away stopped responding to my emails. Clearly she hoped that the problem will go away, but I am so angry at the way she handled the matter and what she has put us though that I certainly will not leave it there! 

Also, the company claims to be a member of the Sandton Tourism Association, which I contacted and was told that Days Safaris Adventures membership has been terminated over a year ago but they did not take the sign down from their webpage. 

Maria Karolina Kalczyńska

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