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Cofek urges CS not to extend NEMA boss contract

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SERVING KENYANS: Environment CS Prof Judi Wakhungu. Cofek, January 27, urged her not to renew NEMA DG contract

It has come to our attention that the Board of NEMA has recommended an extension of the contract of its Director General Prof Geoffrey Wahungu. 

We are totally opposed to the said extension on various grounds and not limited to the following; 

  • There is no convincing basis for renewal given the poor institutional performance and profile as environmental pollution worsens countrywide. This evident low revenue, restructuring, impact and basic things like a rundown headquarters with severely faded colours of its name.
  • The move is a threat to Articles 42, 69 and 70 of the Constitution.
  • The current Board, being less than 8 months old was ill-prepared to conduct the said evaluation
  • The said Prof Wahungu is under was and or remains under active investigation by the Ethics and Corruption Commission over criminal and corruption allegations within and around Mombasa County
  • The said Prof Wahungu as made numerous unsuccessful applications for other jobs including at the Kenya Wildlife Service and Ministry of Education. That reveals he is neither interested nor passionate about his job
  • Poor staff handling – nepotism and unfair transfers and engineered sackings including the high profile one of former Enforcement and compliance Director Mr Benjamin Langwen. We are on official record querying the same. 

From the aforesaid concerns, and aware that environmental issues are sensitive and that NEMA can’t be restricted to the State Corporations Act and the Environment Management Coordination Act provisions, we hereby DEMAND as follows; 

  • THAT you clarify the status of confirmation of the NEMA Director General
  • THAT you share with us the justification for recommendation and or extension of the contract of NEMA Director General
  • THAT a public inquiry, vide an independent Taskforce or otherwise, be immediately conducted on the overall performance of NEMA, DG and board of NEMA in relation to NEMA’s mandate. This will inform the suitability of the said Prof Wahungu to lead NEMA going forward. 

Please TAKE NOTICE that we will proceed to take legal action should you not favourably, comprehensively and convincingly respond within 14 days from the date hereof. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: These are excerpts of Cofek letter to Environment Cabinet Secretary Prof Judi Wakhungu and copied to Environment PS Mr Charles Sunkuli, NEMA CHairman Mr Maluki Mwendwa and Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission CEO Mr Halake Waqo

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