The pain of a defective Samsung s5 phone

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I bought my Samsung Galaxy S5 about 6 months ago from a local Samsung dealer shop.

The phone came with a 2 years warranty from date of purchase … over the weekend, my phone fell in water (its water resistant, so i never got surprised) after a while though i tried to unlock it and believe me not the screen was flickering.

I immediately removed my battery and placed my phone in rice till Monday when I got a chance to take it to their warranty centre at Hilton Hotel, Nairobi … sad of the attendants took my phone’s details and searched in the system for some data.

He later told me that my phone doesnt have LIQUID/WATER DAMAGE AND SCREEN DAMAGE warranty since SAMSUNG KENYA never renewed their licence last year for such replacements (before august 2014 ,they were replacing for free if phone is under warranty)..

I left that place feeling conned and cheated of my hard earned money.

I would appreciate if you look into this matter and assist me.


Denis Waihenya

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