KFS permit shame of rogue contractor clearing Kibagare trees

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The permit for cutting 20 trees was issues by Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and not the County Government of Nairobi.

The permit was issued as if Kibagare was private forest. This is in violation of County Bylaws and still, the permit from KFS is not valid.

The tree cutting contractor has cut more than 50 indigenous trees, even though the “permit” allowed him to cut 20 eucalyptus trees.

No professional was employed to ensure safety and damage to neighbouring properties. Two large trees on riparian land were cut without due regard for safety which fell on neighbouring plots causing destruction of many other indigenous trees and boundary fencing. 

Although the “permit” was issued on 3rd September, tree cutting has been ongoing since August 17. 

The said tree cutting is causing nuisance to neighbors through excessive noise caused by use of 4 or 5 power saws working continuously, every day of the week, including Sundays, from 7.30am to 6.30pm, since August 17.

The developer has not observed the riparian land bylaw and WARMA Act which stipulates that no trees can be cut or developments made on land 14 metres on each from center of river or stream.

Development approval from County Government, Urban Planning Department, Ref No CPD/Dc/LR no 11819/ds, condition specifically states that no trees shall be cut down and /or uprooted without written permission from Director of Environment Nairobi County.

No such approval has been granted by the County Director of Environment. What kind of impunity is this as  money-hungry rogue contractors destroy our nature, preserved for years?

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