Regulator: Safaricom to pay Sh6 Bn for new LTE frequency

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Safaricom CEO Mr Bob Collymore: CA says his company has been granted an LTE license to operate CCTV

“Safaricom has been granted a license for Frequency in the 800MHz band.

“The award was tied to the security tender.  It should be noted that when the Government of Kenya (GOK) approached Safaricom to roll out the National  Survelillance, Communications and Control system, Safaricom in return negotiated with the Government of Kenya for the assignment of the 4G frequencies in the 800 MHz band.

“is the reason there was no competitive bidding in the process.   It is also the understanding that the network will be  shared amongst different players, a fact that will mitigate the competition issues that might arise.  

“The frequency fee payable by Safaricom for these frequencies is USD 56.25 million.”

(Rachael Alwala – for Communications Authority”

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