#SomeoneTellRuto: The #StopGMOsKenya campaign is on!

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Revelations that  Deputy President Mr William Ruto wants the ban imposed by former Public Health Minister Mrs Beth Mugo lifted are disturbing and a scandal in the making.

Mr Ruto stated, rather cunningly, that consultations on the subject matter have been concluded. That is false.

To the contrary, we have information that senior Government officers have been compromised, by global pro-GMO’s companies and foundations, to accept the new and unpalatable position.

The ongoing conference by the National Biosafety Conference has been funded by the same forces.

We urge the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate senior Government officers and board members of the National Biosafety Authority from the credible leads we already have.

GMOs have severally been linked to toxicity, sterility and infant mortality. The latest ban is by the Scotland government.

Surprisingly, National Biosafety Authority wants to approve open field GMO maize plantation by AATF and KALRO. It is totally an unpatriotic and unfortunate.

Whatever it will take, we would like to put Mr Ruto on notice: That Kenyans will not accept lifting of the ban without conclusively addressing the issues which necessitated it in the first place.

GMOs are not about land or Weston hotel or any other property. It is about consumers’ health and lives.

Further, we are concerned that the Prof Thairu Taskforce report recommendations have never been made public.

Article 46 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 on “consumer rights” as read together with the Consumer Protection Act, 2012 is not in vain.

We equally urge His Excellency President Kenyatta to review his Executive Order No. 2 and remove the National Biosafety Authority under the Ministry of Education and put it under health docket.

GMO’s are a health issue. We urge all consumers, in Kenya, and across the world to support our campaign: #StopGMOsKenya

As a start, we will write to all Cabinet Secretaries and His Excellency the President, to petition them against lifting the ban to satisfy the narrow interests of a few greedy Kenyans who have no regard for “Wanjiku”

Stephen Mutoro, Secretary General, Consumers Federation of Kenya, August 12, 2015


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