InMobi online advertising launches in India, China

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A year or so ago, we at InMobi set out on a journey to make advertising beautiful for users and make them fall in love with mobile ads once again.  

This July 14th, our baby, Miip took its first steps in San Francisco at Fort Mason Center. It was our first launch event to showcase the power of Miip to the world. A special thanks to all the luminaries, guests, partners who participated. 

On August 5th, we brought Miip back home as we unveiled ‘Miip for India’. We also announced our vision to build a mobile-first India by bringing to life new window shopping experiences and ‘discovery commerce’ (d-commerce) sessions on the thriving Indian app ecosystem in India.  

But we are still not done. The last and most significant lap of the journey is just around the corner. InMobi is extremely excited to launch ‘Miip for China’ in Beijing tomorrow, August 18th! We truly believe that Miip will play a pivotal role in bringing a new era of mobile advertising to China – by powering mobile app developers, equipping m-commerce merchants and helping the entire ecosystem grow in a disruptive fashion.

Miip has just started its journey and we will definitely be meeting all of you more often as our baby grows up. We look forward to your support in the evolution of Miip. 

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