How scientists with adverse findings on GMO’s are humiliated

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Scientists who discover adverse findings from GMOs are regularly attacked, ridiculed, denied funding, and even fired.

When Ermakova reported the high infant mortality among GM soy fed offspring, for example, she appealed to the scientific community to repeat and verify her preliminary results.

She also sought additional funds to analyze preserved organs.

Instead, she was attacked and vilified. Samples were stolen from her lab, papers were burnt on her desk, and she said that her boss, under pressure from his boss, told her to stop doing any more GMO research.

No one has yet repeated Ermakova’s simple, inexpensive studies.

In an attempt to offer her sympathy, one of her colleagues suggested that may be the GM soy will solve the over population problem!

Surov reports that so far, he has not been under any pressure.

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