Naivas customer-care staff day of shame over water bottles

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I would to put to the public the incompetence and poor customer service of Naivas Westlands.

I went there today to get a refill of my 20 litre Keringet. Unfortunately Keringet Water had all been sold and all that was remaining was Aquamist.

They told me that they would accept an empty Keringet container for the Aquamist water bottle and that the two were interchangeable.

I took the Aquamist container and before going for more than 100 metres, it started leaking near the handle.

I took it back and the ‘manager’ said they cannot take it because the bottle is leaking.

I tried to reason with them but they were very unreasonable and were not willing to listen to my side of the story and they kept insisting that i had dropped the bottle and tried to take it back and blame for it.

I am left to wonder, how does a 20 litre container fall from the shoulder to the ground and then just sutain a pin-hole?

I feel so pissed off and disappointed with Naivas. If those are the kind of people you employ to deal with customers complaints, I pity as you will continue to lose customers left right and centre.

Dennis Munyaka


A casual response from marketing and business development manager Mr Willy Kimani;

We are indeed sorry for the experience you had with the water containers. We shall immediately inform the concerned parties and will revert with a more  detailed response once we establish the actual specifics.




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