Right of Reply: State House ICT Director Dennis Itumbi on #My1963 matatu cashless payment system

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1. My role in the Matatu Launch was to coordinate the creative for best packaging and communication.

2. If COFEK believes there is corruption let them record a statement at EACC/Police. Submit a file to DPP or even institute Private prosecution. There are people who work for a result that achieves a set dream and are not driven by what is there for them.

3. Meanwhile, Stephen Mutoro of COFEK appointed as board member of Water Resourses Management Authority and he is a board member of Nairobi Water.

Water Resourses Management Authority regulates Nairobi Water and other water providers

Now as a regulator can he speak for consumers? Is he really a watchdog? Can he participate in service delivery and also play part in being a watchdog – is that not Conflict of interest?



Mr Dennis Itumbi’s views are welcome but they are grossly inadequate. Sad, he degenerates to unrelated, unwarranted and unnecessary personal attacks. He attempts to be personal but fails to answer the fundamental questions;

(a) Is he a Director of #My1963 together with Mr Simon Kimutai, others? If yes, has he made requisite disclosures in line with requirements of a public officer?

(b) What has a State House official got to do with such procurement? What is his job description? Is he part of the mainstream public service or a private PA to the President?

(c) Is the ICT Director at State House replacing the role of NTSA and Ministries of ICT and Transport on the cashless system? 

(d) What has the Secretary General of Cofek, who holds advanced degree from a reputable local University (and not a contested KIMC Diploma), have to do with competence or otherwise of holding public positions? Is there also a difference between an individual and the office he or she holds? Does he know what interest are represented on both boards? Has he ever read the Water Act, 2002. Does he know about Water Services Regulatory Board, as a “regulator”? Does he have an idea of provisions of Art. 10, 27(4) and 232 of the Constitution?

(e) With the secrecy and raw attack to any person(s) questioning #My1963 project, is there more than meets the eye? Well, time will tell.

(f) Did Mr Itumbi’s interest in #My1963 the reason His Excellency the President personally participated in a private business launch which had nothing to do with Government?

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