Who will take action against NTSA and police over triple-parking matatus on Nairobi’s Mombasa Road causing serious daily jam?

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I am Writing in frustration of the constant traffic jam on Mombasa road. It normally starts from Bellevue to General motors where it clears.

All these is due to corruption in the sense that police have allowed matatus to triple-park at the General Motors bus stage thus blocking the road from a 3-lane to a single lane (counting that people on the second lane have to switch lanes just to avoid them)

This ripple effect flows all the way to Bellevue or Capital Center. 

If we are to count the amount of time/man hours, fuel, wear and tear it would run into billions if not millions.

My question is could it be possible to sue NTSA, County Government and the Police for this?

Also could the police explain the formula they use to control traffic? (Alex Thairu)

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