Cofek wants Public Service Commission to act over idle senior officers

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In line with provisions of Article 232 of the Constitution, for which we note your report on the same as recently tabled in the National Assembly, we write to raise our deep concern with too many idle and/or under-utilized, if still necessary officers, especially those falling within the bracket of Directors, Deputy Secretaries, Senior Deputy Secretaries Director of Administration and Secretaries (not Principal Secretaries appointed by  the President). This is particularly so because the rationalization of staff has not been done since the Ministries were reduced from 42 to the current 18. 

This situation presents a sad state of affairs within the public service where the heavy top echelon of the public service (earning most, with at least two to three support staff and utilizing huge office spaces) remain under-utilized and/or are poorly supervised. In view of the foregoing, we request as follows;                                                                                     

(a)  Please confirm as to whether or not you share in our concern and if yes, the mitigation measures your Commission is employing, and by when, to address this evident challenge.

(b) Aware of the provisions and limitations of Article 236 of the Constitution is it possible for the said officers to be appraised and either offered a send-off package and/or retained on the same terms but redeployed to more deserving areas, preferably, out of Nairobi.

(c)  That the public service ranking system be reviewed and unnecessary bureaucracy reduced and functions of the Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries, appointed by the same authority and both vetted by Parliament, be clarified in the public interest especially as regards who between the two is the accounting officers and who holds the command on the authority to incur expenditures.

(d) Given the recent shocking revelations of the salary wastages on ghost workers, an independent headcount with a publicly accessible report (especially on your website) be published showing name of officer, station, duration of service, current and entry level in public service. The public can then be invited to confirm and report if such listed public servants actually report to the work or not.

(e)  Justification, if any, for Ministries to hire extra office space from private sector and accountability on how well such space is utilized and particularly on whether it offers value for money.

(f)   How the PSC is complying with provisions of Article 46 on Consumer Rights as well as Consumer Protection Act, 2012 especially on access to such offices by special interest groups such as the disabled persons and the elderly as well as convenience amenities such as public toilets within and around public offices.


Many senior officers are either being moved, resigning or made disenfranchised especially by most principal and cabinet secretaries who are new to the public service


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