The July 9, 2012 email Nairobi Hospital CEO Dr Cleopa Mailu cannot reply: Can Cofek please help?

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From: Njeri M
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 6:08 PM
Subject: Nairobi Hospital Padeatrics Section – 8 July 2012

Dear Dr Mailu,

Yesterday Sunday 8 July 2012, I brought our 3 year old son who was unwell to Nairobi Hospital for treatment. I was there between 02.30 pm and 04.30pm. The reason for writing this email is because I did not like the kind of medical attention we got from Dr Mwiti (a lady) who was seeing patients in the pediatrics section.

We went in and I explained that our son had a fever earlier in the day (he didn’t have a fever at the time we saw the doctor). I also told her that he had complained of pain in the throat, a stomach ache and that his nose had been running. He also has eczema so I asked the doctor to prescribe elocom cream because it’s the one that we normally use.

My problem is that Dr Mwiti went on to write a prescription of 6 different types of medication without examining our son. Then I asked her if she would like to check out his throat and it is at this point that she asked him to open his month and stick out his tongue. She didn’t even have a spatula to hold his tongue down!

I felt like I had bought the medication over the counter because our son had hardly been examined. Please ask Dr Mwiti to take her work seriously especially because children are almost silent patients who would hardly be precise in expressing how they feel. (In my opinion, there is no need for disciplinary action). I home this information will help you better your services.

In the past, my family has enjoyed your medical services (in and out patient) and I assure you that Nairobi Hospital is my family’s health provider of choice. Keep going. Kind regards, Njeri M. 

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