How Kenol-Kobil’s K-Card blocking is inconveniencing consumers with demands for additional cash for “unblocking”

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The Kenol-Kobil card is becoming ridiculous, to say the least. Out of their own mistake, they are now asking the customer to top up with a further Sh31,041 yet he already has Sh49,000 on the card. Here is the customer’s complaint;

Reference to your email whereby you are requesting us to top up another Sh31,041.00 for the system to unblock the card is totally absurd, as the error has been made on your side. Should we even agree to deposit the amount, we will not have access to getting fuel until the cheque has been cleared which will not be until next week. What are we supposed to do in the meantime?

“Secondly, we have raised with your people on various occasions, shortage of fuel…. every month at least a week goes by or more where non of your stations have fuel…but this has and is not even being addressed on a serious note. Alternatively, we can return the K-Card and you refund us with the monies, which is Kshs.49,579.66. Your prompt response would be highly appreciated.”

Unaware of provisions of the #ConsumerProtectionAct2012, Kenol kobil on Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 3:49 PM, Mulei Nduto <> wrote:

“Afternoon. Kindly note that your K-card card number 22074. was topped up with an amount with an excess of Sh62,082.00 instead of Sh31,041.00. In light of this the system has blocked the card from usage pending settlement of the said amount. Kindly make a payment of the kshs.31,041.00 to enable the system to unblock the card. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

Kind regards
Nduto Mulei, Credit control analyst, K-card, Kenolkobil limited, I.C.E.A building,kenyatta avenue
P.O. Box 44202/30322

What Kenol-Kobil said when launching K-Card – their pledge on November 24, 2010:

David Ohana, then Kenya Country Manager: (he was very long on many empty promises and short on reality that has come to haunt the product. Companies must be careful about such deceptive pledges that they are unsure to meet)

Honorable Assistant Minister for Energy Hon. Magerer Langat, KenolKobil Chairman and Group Managing Director Mr. Jacob Segman, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, All Protocol Observed. 

On behalf of KenolKobil Kenya, I welcome you all to the official launch of our fleet management system, the K-Card. K-Card is a premium fleet management system with cutting-edge features tailored to meet specific fuel management needs of modern-day fleet motorists, and is the latest addition to our growing products portfolio within our network. Our strategic decision to invest in this system was in response to market demand for a system that would assist fleet managers, as well as individual customers have better control of their fuelling needs. 

The K-Card is the most advanced fuel card system there is in the Kenyan market, and has been developed and implemented by a team of dedicated local staff, with the assistance of foreign experts from Expand Technology of Mauritius. 

It has taken us slightly under an year to fully implement and set the systems right, just to illustrate the level of delicacy and thinking that has been put to implement this system.  

K-Card is a Smart Chip technology available in Pre-paid and Post-paid options. It enables card holders the freedom to set purchase controls such as fuel type, number of transactions per day, litres per transaction and other limits of usage, thus making fuel consumption management for fleet managers a lot easier. For instance, a K-Card holder has the option to set limits such that the card can only be used in a specific station, at a specific day of the week and only at a specific hour. These features are set such that the card, if used outside such specifications, refuses such a transaction to take place. 

Additionally, K-Card offers fleet owners the freedom to top up their card credit levels remotely, as well as makes mileage verification against volumes of product purchased. K-Card has a tank capacity lock, successive purchase restrictions and double purchase prevention mechanisms, giving fleet managers even tighter control of their fuel expenses. Ladies and Gentlemen, K-Card is the Dhahabu ya Msafiri (the Traveller’s Gold)! 

K-Card is a loyalty card which, going forward, will offer both pre-paid and post-paid customers an opportunity to procure products at our service stations across the country at discounted prices. This is our way of adding value to the Kenyan Mwananchi in line with our motto, KenolKobil Cares for You!! 

Over the past seven months since we introduced the card in the market, I am happy to report that we have managed to recruit a large number of fleet customers to use the system, including key government parastatals, as well as key manufacturing companies and individual customers. 

We have received very positive feedback from our customers, who have commended us for being responsive to the operational needs of their businesses in as far as their fuelling needs are concerned. We will remain focused and responsive to our customer needs, and invest a lot of resources and human resource capacity to ensure that we remain ahead in the market in respect to giving our customers solutions to their business requirements.


Above all, as an indigenous Kenyan Oil Company, we will continue to explore avenues and products that will ensure our customers’ businesses run effectively and efficiently, and generate the resources that our great country, Kenya, needs to remain firmly rooted in achieving Vision 2030. 

With the launch this morning, K-Card now officially joins a wide choice of innovative KenolKobil products and services in the market. KenolKobil range of products include fuels, K-gas, Bitumen, and the various Kenol, Kobil and Castrol lubricants brands. 

Of special mention is our Non-Fuel business segment, that continues to contribute significantly to the company’s bottom-line. This station in which we are launching K-Card today is a clear testimony of how innovation and creativity work to produce great results. This station previously had the old image of service station designs, but the company’s Management realized the need to revamp it and introduce other business lines, through partnership with recognized service providers like Innscor Limited, to give customers a one-stop-shopping experience. 

Currently, we are in the process of reconstructing several stations within our network, including Kobil Embakasi and Kenol Buruburu, to enhance our revenue sources and improve the bottomline. In all these stations, we have partnered with Innscor, who are known service providers in the hospitality industry, in order to satisfy our Kenyan customers’ expectations. 

We remain fully committed to continuously investing in the Kenyan market through internally generated resources, to ensure that we remain true to our vision, To be the leading brand in every market we operate in, and a major player in Africa. 

Besides expanding our downstream business in Kenya, over the past decade, KenolKobil has engaged in a wide expansion strategy in the region, and has established strong subsidiaries in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Burundi. We are looking to commence operations in two more countries, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, in 2011, where we are optimistic to realize a strong return on investment. 

Our investment in these subsidiaries outside Kenya has so far had a remarkable positive contribution to our bottom-line. We take pride in having grown from a small player several decades ago, into a market leader in Kenya and eventually into a Pan-African oil giant. We recognize that this growth could not have been achieved without the support of our African customers and business partners, and we thank you all for your support. 

Ladies and gentlemen, before I conclude, I feel I should comment on something that is in the news on a daily basis the price of petrol in Kenya. The present high prices are obviously a cause of concern for everyone, from the business and manufacturing community to the ordinary Kenyan. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it is of fundamental importance to note that the petroleum market worldwide is very dynamic, and the pricing issue remains a sensitive concern among consumers globally. In the Kenyan market, which is mainly driven by agricultural and manufacturing activities, petroleum products pricing remains a sensitive issue. 

It is imperative to note that while there are a lot of fundamental issues affecting pricing, one of the key concerns in Kenya, that has continued to negatively affect oil prices is the issue of the petroleum infrastructure in Kenya. Particularly, the refining, and storage and transportation sectors have continued to perform below expectations, and have hampered efforts by Oil Marketing Companies to pass on benefits to consumers when there are downward price shifts in the international oil market. 

Ladies and gentlemen, as an indigenous Kenyan Oil Company, we are proud of our more than 50 years’ service in the Kenyan market. And we are listening to our Kenyan customers and Kenyan shareholders’ calls to lower pump prices as we are heading towards the festive season. It is, therefore, with great pleasure that today I announce that KenolKobil will within the next two days reduce our pump prices across our network countrywide. We care for the Wananchi, we care for Kenya, and we care to safeguard the positive performance of the Kenyan economy. Going forward, we promise our consumers that you will be experiencing a lot of support from us, and we will within the next couple of days, be thanking our Kenyan customers in a special way as we support them in the festive season. Remain with us and you will experience our care for you! 

As a proudly Kenyan company and as a responsible player in the oil industry, we are committed to play our role in keeping the wheels of the Kenyan economy moving. Thank You, Asante Sana.

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