Why Uchumi, Sarit Centre must address a consumer’s fears on its fresh produce

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Cofek: Many thanks for the work that you do to educate and protect consumers across the country.

I have noticed for some time, and rather starkly earlier today at the Uchumi Sarit Centre, that some fresh produce – especially green bell peppers – on display have white streaks that from my experience are most probably residue from pesticide sprays- insecticides and fungicides.

I find it very worrying and wonder if there are standards of chemical residues that these supermarkets are required to adhere to and how this is enforced. 

It may be very useful to consumers if you, or another competent agency, could do a study of some kind of see what level of chemical residues are in the food we buy from these supermarkets and if you could work with them towards some standards that enhance consumer safety. 

Many thanks and kind regards.  James  Photo/NATION




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