Help stop supermarket fraud of charging their customer for parking fees

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SUPERMARKET FRAUD: Did you know that all supermarkets are not supposed to charge shoppers for parking fees?

They have a duty to employ security guards to monitor and identify and further ban vehicles which abuse free parking by leaving their vehicles for more than 6 hours a day.

If supermarkets also become landlords to other smaller businesses, they must avail designated parking spaces for such businesses and their customers.

The Nairobi City County and other Counties have made it clear that the likes of Nakumatt Holdings, Yaya Centre Nairobi, Naivas Supermarket, Tuskys Supermarkets, Chandarana Supermarket Ltd, UCHUMI SUPERMARKETS LTD, The Sarit Centre, among others operate within the law.

Share your experiences and let us know which supermarket in which town is not charging for parking fees – whether you park for an hour or more. For those charging, let us know how much is the minimum and maximum.

Help make supermarkets to be responsible and to respect the Consumer Protection Act, 2012.

If they will not cooperate, within the next 2 weeks, help us to take them to Court and/or boycott their malls. In the meantime, lets identify and celebrate those that aren’t greedy.

If you know vehicles numbers or motorists who abuse the parking spaces by placing there vehicles for more than 6 hours and/or contact illegal car sales from the supermarket parkings, name them – we will shame them here

Why shoudl they charge you for more if the queues are as a result of slow, tired or very few tellers?

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