Consumer Federation of Kenya

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It  is my great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Consumers Federation of Kenya (COFEK). I sincerely hope that you will benefit from your visit and from the services and links that this website has to offer. Cofek is Kenya\’s independent, self-funded, multi-sectoral, non-political and non-profit Federation committed to consumer protection, education, research, consultancy, litigation, anti-counterfeits campaign and business assessment and rating on consumerism and customer-care issues.

Cofek works towards a fair, just and safe marketplace for all Kenyan and regional consumers. Cofek is the current host secretariat for 10-country member Eastern Africa Region Alliance of National Consumer Organizations (Earanco). Cofek was successfully registered on 26th March 2010 as a membership society under Cap. 108 Laws of Kenya. Our members are ordinary consumers and professionals spread across the country who see the need to support and own COFEK\’s vision, mission and values.


We have a Governing Council of 20 officials who represent the Federation at the national level. Those Council members are led by the Chairperson, Secretary General and  other officials (professionals) heading specific sectors such as Security; Banking; ICT; Roads; Transport; Water; Energy; Agriculture; Education; Tourism; Food; Health and drugs; Supermarkets; Electronics; Environment; Aviation; Automobiles; Insurance; Local Authorities, among others. These officers act as lobbyists and spokespersons in their various areas of expertise. It is especially noteworthy that they give voluntarily of their time and expertise.

They are supported by our lean secretariat staff directly involved in the research and in-house production of the Federation\’s electronic and hard copy newsletter “Consumer Pride”. We are also working on various consumer education, protection and business referencing and rating as regards consumers and customer care aspects. We are currently processing various requests from private sector and government agencies on our assessment, through public perception surveys, on their SWOT analysis as regards consumers, customer care, their products and services quality and reliability, pricing, labeling, advertising, distribution, mechanisms of receiving and turnaround of consumer/customer complaints, among other attendant aspects.

COFEK will strenuously continue to represent, fight to protect and strengthen the rights of its members and all Kenyan consumers. The achievements are already considerable. We are currently working with the Kenya Law Reform Commission and other stakeholders in finalizing the Consumer Protection Bill 2010. Consumers\’ rights – the right to information, fair dealing, protection, education – all culminating in the ability to make informed decisions and choices – are and should remain a reality. That is our clarion call. We commit ourselves to remaining true and faithful to this cause whatever temptations and hurdles that may stand in our way.

We are and shall continually be calling on and for Government\’s recognition of our crucial role through the many lawful ways and means. We expect representation in all regulatory agencies and key public entities such as the Kenya Roads Board; Energy Regulatory Commission; Public Procurement Oversight Authority; Water Services Regulatory Board, Central Bank of Kenya Board; National Environment Management Authority; Police Oversight Authority among others. We are liaising with all professional societies with whom we intend to work very closely and for mutual benefit.
The current income derived from our members\’ subscriptions is insufficient to permit us to lobby further as we should and the need for determined lobbying and input at home, in Kenya and increasingly, regionally, is vital for the future of consumer protection movement. This is even more urgent now than ever before considering the East Africa Community\’s Common Market is underway.
We will prevail – of that there is no question – but, to grow is our goal and I hope that you will consider supporting and joining with us in order that we might go forward forcefully and grow quickly. Then we can benchmark and demand for better protection, the clearer transparency and the proper ethical standards – from a position of strength – supported by the majority of consumers – for the benefit of all consumers. We need your support. Join us today!

Stephen Mutoro
COFEK – Consumer Confidence and Pride!
\”The welfare of humanity should never be compromised for the quest of doing business for profitability. This belief revolves in the way we interact with our employees, consumers, environment and community in which we operate. This way we can only rate ourselves as being successful if we benefit the larger society\”, Vimal Shah, MD at Kenya\’s Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd

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